Chuckit Breathe Stick Sml
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Chuckit Breathe Stick Sml

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Chuckit Breathe Right Stick is a durable and unique toy for fetch and retrieve outdoor fun. Made from a durable rubber material with a unique air hole design.

We know that every dog is different, but you know your dog better than anyone. Likewise, no toy is completely indestructible. When selecting toys for your dogs play, ensure you consider their observed and known behaviours to avoid disappointment. Even those toys described as tough and durable may be no match for a power chewer. Seek out the correct level of toy to meet your dog’s needs and feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

Supervise your dog during play, if parts become detached the toy should be removed as they may represent a choking hazard. Remember to always seek the advice from your vet if you believe material may have been ingested.