Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Recipe Turkey

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Lily's Kitchen Puppy Recipe Turkey and Duck trays. This is the right levels of protein, calories and fat for growing pups.  it is proper meat, high quality protein, natural ingredients, grain free and easy to chew texture for small mouths. 150g 


61% Freshly Prepared: Turkey (41%), Duck (20%), Sweet Potatoes (4%), Pumpkin, Kale (2%), Cranberries, Organic Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Vitamins & Chelated Minerals, Salmon Oil (0.5%)
Botanicals & Herb: Golden Rod, Nettle, Aniseed, Celery Seed, Rosehips, Marigold Petals, Cleavers, Seaweed, Alfalfa, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root