4.2m Green Treated Flat Capping Rail - 33 x 70mm

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This 4.2m length of flat capping rail is used flush with the top of the posts.  This is ideally done when the ground and fence is level.

Pressure-treated for external use. Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your fence.

In natural light is normal for wood to fade to a pale silver colour - it's perfectly ok to leave it like this, or you can stain it a colour of your choice provided it is suitable for wood. You may see small splits, warps or cracks appear over time, this is not uncommon for worked timber in quick-drying weather conditions. These will normally go back when humidity rises. Timber is a natural product and this is completely normal - it will not affect the durability or strength. Some perceived “flaws” are perfectly normal in wood. This is why the below list of features are completely acceptable and fall within industry-accepted tolerance margins:​

* Knots in the timber
* Providing they are less than 2cm and don't compromise structural strength, knots that have fallen out (holes can be filled with wood filler)
* Fading or blue-coloured patches from the treatment process
* Cracks and splits - provided they are not wide-open and cutting through the planks
* Torsion/warping that does not affect structural strength