Hozelock Ultimate Hose 50m

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The Hozelock Ultimate 50m hose is the top of the range garden hose from Hozelock. Featuring a multilayer design of woven fibre makes this garden hose anti-kink, anti-twist, strong and durable. This garden hose can go through hell and still be perfect to use the next day. It can be crushed, repeatedly bent and pulled without any problem. It also has super handling, being extremely flexible.

  • Ultra-light technology makes this hose 25% lighter than other hoses of the same length and diameter, making it much easier to handle in the garden.
  • A 30 year guarantee proves this hose to be long lasting, durable and crush proof, having gone through the most extreme testing in the Hozelock labs.
  • Includes Super TricoflexTM technology creating an ultra-light, anti-kink and anti-twisting hose without compromising on robustness.
  • A 5 layer reinforced knitted structure which provides controlled flexibility and resilience.
  • Its silky texture allows it to glide smoothly through the garden, easily manoeuver and effortlessly wind onto a system without any fuss.
  • Diameter: 1/2" (standard size).